Friday, April 18, 2014

How the Movies Influenced me.

I love movies.  Especially classic movies. I only recently realized my classic movie binge watching as a kid taught me about vintage clothing.  I would see a fabulous outfit in a movie and then scour the thrift stores until I found something comparable.  I first learned about Edith Head and Irene at about 7 years old.  I think that is when I started to read movie credits.

I've been sentimental for my favorite movies lately and went on the hunt for pics.  The first was,"Midnight Lace" with Doris Day and Rex Harrison. And when I saw this photo of Day and Myrna Loy I had to laugh.  I didn't realize exactly how much the movies influenced me!

These photos made me think about what I used to do as a kid.  Watch the movies and then go try to replicate the outfits I saw.  When I was 7, the replication consisted of me raiding my mom and my sister's closets.  Now, however, I have more resources so I have decided to find my favorite movie outfits and replicate them for my blog!

I'm going to start with Faye Dunaway from the Thomas Crown Affair.  Great style movie!!!  I love a good hat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Two Weeks at the District Flea

Channeling Harry Potter on the First Day
The first week of the District Flea started out rough.  The wind was so fierce that my triple reinforced canopy was flying about like a gigantic kite.  With the help from kind neighbors, my husband and I took the canopy down to ear my paranoia about customers being viciously impaled by my clothing rails.  In my mind there was a real potential for blood and guts spewing everywhere thanks to my Game of Thrones bing watching. 

Week 2 was better.  The wind was minimal and it was beautifully warm.  Folks were in the mood to try on clothes and I sold my funky items very quickly.

Week Two - No Wind - Canopy Intact!!

Coat and Matching Hat Sold to this Mom and Daughter Duo

Client bought his Silk Drop Waist Floral for a Wedding

These designer look alike pieces sold quickly.
1. Metallic Pleated Skirt
2. Vintage 70s Gold Mesh Box Clutch (SOLD to me!)
3. Vintage 80s High Waisted Pink Bermudas
4. Handmade Printed Patchwork Skirt

Although my customer opted not to get this romper (though she looked as though it was made for her), it was the first time I saw this 70s cutie on a live person.  It is as adorable as adorable can get.

Lovely Mini Still Available

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Wear Bermuda Shorts - 3 Spring Looks for 2014

80s Pleated Hot Pink Bermuda Shorts
I have been on the hunt for Bermuda Shorts for my pop-up shop at the District Flea.  One of the cutest pair I found were these 80s, slightly pleated shorts in a vibrant hot pink.  I also scored Bermudas in yellow, green, orange and black.

Unlike when I was growing up, Bermudas come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles making them a versatile wardrobe staple.   These days I am seeing these little shorts in a completely different light. Inspired by some of my favorite looks, I have styled three different pairs of shorts.  You'll find that the styling options for Bermuda Shorts is endless.

Three Looks for Trendy Bermuda Shorts

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Designer Trends for 2014 at Pelham Road Vintage

I needed some inspiration and focus during my hunt for new spring inventory for the District Flea.  I decided to turn to the 2014 runway season.   Some much on the runway references past styles. Here are some of the latest trends for Spring and my comparable finds.   It goes to show you that it is a myth that you have to spend thousands, even hundreds of dollars to replicate the latest looks.

Spring Trends for 2014

MaxMara accordion pleated skirt / 3.1 Phillip Lim black bermuda shorts / Jean Paul Gaultier Soleil black and white skirt, $470 / Sergio rossi handbag

For any info on this merchandise please contact me via Facebook

Pelham Road Vintage

1. Metallic Blue Pleated Skirt $
2. Vintage 70s Gold Mesh Box Clutch  SOLD
3. Vintage 80s Bermuda Shorts
4. Floral Patchwork Skirt

Find these and more at my pop-up shop at the District Flea. 
945 Florida Avenue, Washington, DC 

Pelham Road Vintage on Etsy is having our Closeout Sale. Use Coupon Code TWITTER30 for 30% off any item.
Check out our Clearance Section

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Word about Kim and Kanye's Vogue Cover

Vogue Magazine
Before I get to my point let me just answer a few questions.

Am I a Kim Kardashian fan?
Am I a Kanye West fan?
Do I care they are a couple?
Pah-leeze! Not in the least.
Did I wonder why Vogue chose them for the cover?
A little.
Can I see why dedicated readers where like "What the...what?"
Do I think much of the social media backlash is ridiculous?

I love good editorials, fashion and photographs as much as the next woman and I have been a frequent reader of Vogue since I was in elementary school.  I also know what it feels like when a pop culture love betrays you.   I mean,  George Lucas not only re-edited the original Star Wars trilogy,  he has tried to erase the original ones from our memories by not allowing them to be sold or shown..anywhere.  Sure, it hurts.

My point is, I get it.  I don't think people have to be pleased with the cover and if it upsets them so much that they want to cancel their subscriptions - go for it.  The twitter reactions have been priceless.   People get to speak up about what they think is ridiculous and I have no problem with that.

What gets me is the amount of hatred for Kim Kardashian.  These so called Vogue diehards have said the most disgusting things about a girl they have never met and who really doesn't deserve that level of mean.  There are some that are actually asking for Wintour's head and a boycott of the magazine. You would have thought it was Casey Anthony on the cover with OJ Simpson.

The people who have used the most horrid and offensive language are the same who think that Vogue has lost it's class.

I guess serial domestic help abuser Naomi Campbell is classier than Kim Kardashian?

Or what about cocaine sniffing Kate Moss.

Oh, I see...they are fashion models.  That's waaaay better than a reality TV star.

I jest - Naomi and Kate are fashion models - it's their job to be on the Vogue Cover .

Vogue is an excellent magazine.
Vogue is an upscale magazine.
Vogue is a culturally and historically significant magazine.
Vogue is also a fashion magazine.   In the words of Karl Lagerfeld (taken out of context, "...don't get carried away - it's only dresses."

“When you hear designers complaining about the challenge of their profession, you have to say: don’t get carried away—it’s only dresses.” — Karl Lagerfeld

Read more:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Movie Outfits I Once Hated....

But now sorta love.

1. Pretty Woman Brown Polka Dot Dress - I hated the movie when it came out and years later when I finally saw it on TV, wasn't thrilled with this 'corny' dress.  But now I see it's simple classic lines, luxurious fabric and awesome tailoring.  This dressed was designed by crazy talented Marilyn Vance. She was also the lady responsible for Molly Ringwald's patchwork prom dress in "Pretty in Pink" and most recently the A&E mini-series Bonnie and Clyde

 2. Barbra's see through 1969 Oscar Ensemble, designed by Arnold Scsasi.  I  think this glittery bell bottom, peter pan collared suit gets a bad rap, On the right person (sorry Babs) in the right circumstances this would be a dramatic hit.  Beyonce could pull it off and so could Cate Blanchett.  Now whether they would be interested is a different story.  

1969 Arnold Scsasi  Design

3. Not exactly a movie outfit but this multi-color patchwork 80s power suit worn by Joan Collins (Alexis Carrington) screamed UGLY to me when I first saw it.  Not everyone's cup of tea for sure, but   with a different eye I can see the appeal.  From the dramatic masculine shoulder to the nipped in waist with button detail, the silhouette is 100% 1940s.  Which happens to be a favorite fashion rear of mine. The jewel tones brings it to the 80s.  A little less shoulder, with a black pencil skirt would lake this a pretty funky and wearable outfit.  

Joan Collins during the Dynasty Reign

Rosalind Russell in 40s Menswear Inspired

 4.Top Hat was one of my favorite moves as a little girl.  However it took at least three viewings until I realized that Ginger Rogers did not look like she was wearing an orangutan.  The Monet Blue feather dress is one of Hollywoods most iconic.  Evidently Ginger Rogers (and her mama) fought to keep the dress in the movie, and I'm glad they did.  Millions of little girls were mesmerized by the sight of those pale feathers floating gently around Ginger and Astaire as they danced.   Dress was designed by famed Bernard Newman.

Monet Blue Ostrich Feather Dress by Bernard Newman

5. Charlie's Angels was not a movie I know, but I remember as a little girl playing Charlie's Angels and on one every wanted to be Sabrina Duncan.  She was boring, spent too much time with Bosley and had no sex appeal. Now as a 40something, I appreciate Kate's classic no nonsense approach to dressing.  Sabrina sported timeless jodhpurs and a plaid button down while her counterparts were half naked. 
Middle Angel Kate Jackson wearing the classic black turtleneck.
Jodhpurs have been in style since the turn of the century.
Kate was obviously not marketed as 'sexy'.

5. I am one of the few teenaged girls who hated the movie Pretty in Pink.  The jury is still out on this outfit which I saw for the first time in decades.  After over 20 years I still said, "yuck".   Yet, just like a train wreck, I couldn't stop looking.   Designer and costumer Marilyn Vance really knows how to carefully craft a boho look.  The color scheme is (of course) perfect for Ringwald's coloring.  The vintage sweater not only picks up what looks like a blue in the floral print, it repeats the floral motif. The quirky poet type short is the perfect length breaking up the large print and complimenting the sweater.   

I still kinda hate it - but I think I would wear it.  

Molly Ringwald's signature Pretty in Pink Boho Look

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Beauty of the 1920s - The Jazz Age

I watched the Great Gatsby a couple of nights ago.  The DiCaprio version.  Visually it was phenomenal.  The set design, the costumes, the cars were all great.  The styling was spot on down to the girl's bakelite bracelets.  How the story was  But to be honest, I watched it for the clothing.

There is nothing about fashion and design from the 20s that I do not like.  Except the way women painted their nails.  I'm not a fan of the crescent shapes polish where the bottom portion of the nail is unpainted.  But I digress.

I LOVE The Clothes

Iconic 20s Siren Josephine Baker in Satin Bias Dres

Coco Chanel in her Sportswear 

Egyptian Style Beaded Gown 
Tapestry Coat, Cloche Hats and Beaver Coat

Waved Bob, Loose Flapper Dress and Long Beads

I Adore The Cars

1920s Mercedes Benz

I Love the Style of the Men for Sure!!

3 Members of  The Blue Devils 

Robert Redford in the Great Gatsby 1974

The Duke - Duke Ellington

Leonardo DiCaprio 

The Partying is Legendary!!!

Original Cotton Club at  644 Lenox Ave.