Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vintage is the New Black

"Vintage is the new Black!", as proclaimed by LA Frock Stars, the Smithsonian's latest reality show.
Vintage has always been my "black", but I am glad to see Vintage in mainstream (kind of) TV.
Vintage Christian Dior - Iconic New Look '55
I watched the first episode and I have to admit, there were a few moments when I felt soooo - jealous.  Being a vintage shop owner, I can only hope to achieve a percentage of Doris Raymond's success with her shop The Way we Wore.

Not that I want to be on a TV show, or need celebrities and top stylists seeking me out. The success I desire is being able to score at least one or two of those rare incredible vintage gems that fills Raymond's shop.  In fact I got a little anxious watching La Frock - especially when Dita Von Teese strolled into the shop wearing that absolutely mind blowing New Look Dior with matching coat!  My favorite design and fashion era of all times!

Vintage 1950s 'New Look' Dress by Pelham Road Vintage
Christian Dior created what was quickly penned as the New Look in the late 40s. His design aesthetic was in response to the masculine inspired military look made popular during the WWII years.  Dior almost single handily put beautiful back into fashion.  To this day stars like Dita Von Teese seek out his vintage couture.  The New Look of the late 40s early 50s being the most rare.

For this vintage addict, a 50s Couture Dior is the Holy Grail of Vintage.

There's a motto my husband and I use - it's from the movie The Edge.   The main character Charles played by Anthony Hopkins states, "What one man can do - another can do."  Although Doris Raymond has been doing her thing for almost 30 years - if she can do it - so can I.

Vintage Dior - here I come.

Watch Dita Vin Teese on LA Frock Stars Here: